Local Light to Heavy Duty Towing & Wrecker Service in Ravenna, Ohio

For 24 Hour Towing Service Call Our Yellow Team at 877-273-1863

The Interstate Yellow Team Offers Complete 24 Hour Towing, Hauling & Emergency Roadside Services for the Ravenna Ohio Area

Need a local tow truck or emergency roadside service? Interstate’s “Yellow Team” offers 24 hour towing and wrecker service for both local and long distance towing, hauling as well as local emergency roadside services in Ohio. We have been towing since 1977 and are now considered to be one of the largest towing companies in Ohio. With our fleet of trucks and hauling equipment we can handle any towing or hauling job both locally and long distance with a towing capacity of up to 100 tons! Call the Yellow Team today or visit our Interstate Towing Website and let us take care of you and your vehicle.